Module structure


  • Possible types: image, file, movie or audio.
  • Source: The source files will be saved on the server. Note: big images will automatically be downscaled to 3000px width when being uploaded. We do this to prevent memory crashes.
  • Thumbnails: We use the popular LiipImagineBundle to generate thumbnails in front- and backend.
  • Movies: We have a special UI for youtube and vimeo movies, which only requires the movie ID.


MediaFolder <---> contains multiple MediaItem entities

This is purely for your own internal usage in the backend. View MediaFolder entity.


MediaGroup <---> contains multiple MediaItem entities using MediaGroupMediaItem.

Any custom module entity can have one or more MediaGroup entities. View MediaGroup entity.


class BlogArticle
     * @var MediaGroup
    private $images;

     * @var MediaGroup
    private $trailers;

Read more about integrating it in your custom module.