Spam protection

When you've installed a blog or another module that allows comments, you also need to install an anti-spam service. Not only is spam irritating to visitors, but Google will reward quality content that doesn't contain spam.

The built-in spam protection of Fork CMS uses the very popular Akismet, which monitors millions of websites and analyzes the resulting data to provide your site with better protection. It is free for personal use and affordable for business use.

Akismet is a hosted web service that saves you time by automatically detecting comment and trackback spam.

Step 1: Get your Akismet key

The installation is simple. First, go to and follow the signup steps.

Select your plan

Select Akismet plan

Create a account. The email you use for this account will be used to send you the API key.

Create account

For the final step, fill in the account details and select the amount you want to pay for the service.

Fill in account details

The Akismet API key will be sent by email. Treat your key as a password and keep it private.

The api key

Step 2: Enter your key

In your Fork CMS dashboard, go to Settings and enter the API key on the General page.

Enter the key

If your site does receive spam, the majority will be intercepted by Akismet. You can also find information in the user guide about manually assigning comments as spam.