Even when you're not a developer testing can be one the first steps into contributing to the core of Fork CMS. Although we're doing are best to deliver bug free software, there still slip bugs into the system and you can help us to take them down.

Bug reporting

All bugs can be reported on GitHub Issues, a (free) GitHub account is required to reply or submit an issue. Once you're logged in just click on New Issue to start reporting bugs.

To keep our Issue Trackers as clean as possible, bugs of extensions should be reported on the repository of the extension itself. See the detail page of the extension on our website to find the right GitHub repository.

When you know how to fix the issue you can create a patch yourself, fork a the repository, create a branch and submit a pull request. For more information on working with GitHub and Fork CMS, see the features article.

The more clear your bug description is, the easier it is to replicate and fix. Also, even on the internet, constructive language and a thank you go a long way.

Security issues

When finding security leaks we ask to treath them with more confidence than normal bugs. Contact us with the description and preferelly a way to reproduce the issue.

Best practices considering security can be reported in the documentation, submit an issue on the documentation repository to add it.

Automated testing


While testing is one of the most valueable contributions, it doesn't allow you to build your creative ideas into reality. The next article is about adding new features.