We ask contributors to help updating the documentation along the way they build or change features. Still, a lot of processes can sometimes be explained easier by users.

Fixing spelling mistakes

Everyone does the best he can to avoid mistakes, but not everyone speaks natively english. Most of the documentation is written by developers, not professional writers.

Use markdown and GitHub as explained below to point us on the mistakes.

Extend guides

Extra documentation or guides are always welcome, but their are a few guidelines to ensure that it stays easy to read for users.

  • We want the documentation to read as a book, therefore we try to guide the user through the different articles by adding intro and outro to every part.
  • Use full sentences instead of short small actions.
  • Don't document other systems than Fork CMS. E.g. GitHub, reference to the Git or GitHub documentation instead of creating a how-to.

Documentation of extensions should be added to their own system. Every developer is free to choose which system they use for their extension.


We chose markdown as our format to write the general documentation in. Markdown is mostly known from the Readme files which comes with variate software packages, including Fork CMS.

Once you know the basic syntax, it allows you to write fast without losing control over the semantics. Some even say it is a lifehack to use it every time you write. Extra tip, use a tool like Mou or iA Writer.

All files are stored onto a GitHub repository. The markdown is eventually converted to html on our website to make it easier to read.


When you're not familiar with GitHub and don't have intention to learn it you can still easly report mistakes. Just signup for a (free) GitHub account and press the New issue button. If you know GitHub from editing code, use it just alike to edit the documentation.

  • Issues for reporting mistakes.
  • or do a Pull Request to do a suggestion how to fix it.
  • Tags to find documention of earlier Fork CMS versions.

Updating the documentation is job a lot of users truly appreciate, in the final article we talk about attracting new Fork CMS users.